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Moving out of state “read this first”.

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Planning your out of state move is cheaper then you think and in fact, there are a lot of low cost state to state movers out there if you know where to look. A lot of us when looking and planning to move out of state on a budget and many of the people moving will think that selecting a truck rental company to move themselves is the best solution.

Actually the best and cheapest way to move is to have a moving company move your home furnishings  because if you rent a moving truck you will incurr these additional cost.

1:  Fuel

2:  Truck rental cost

3:   Your time if you move yourself  vs a moving company

4:   Tolls  and of course the equipment to protect your belongings during the  move.

5:    Additional insurance coverage that is mandatory by the rental company

To sum it all up when you have figured in the cost of fuel that you need to run your rental truck it will cost you more at the back end of the move meaning when you deliver your rental back to the rental company you will have to spend even more money when you have to fill the gas tank back up before you return the truck and will be an additional couple hundred dollars out of paying for your relocation.

Cost of Rental Truck  vs moving company cost:

When you really think about it it would cost you more by renting a truck to move yourself then using an state to state mover and so many have asked me why and my answer is this.

  •  The number one answer is that the rental trucks are in most cases to small for most household moves today as most families or people have more items then a Twnty Four Foot truck will hold and don’t worry about Uhauls so called jumbo mover when in fact all it is nothing but a 24 foot size truck when you do the measuring. Most households moving today require a moving truck that is at least 2200 cubic feet or more to do the move in one trip. In fact, Budget and Penske rentals are even smaller then a Uhaul jumbo mover truck.  Today we all are looking for the best deal and the best deal for you to move for a lot less is select a moving company to move you as your move will be done in one trip not two or more costing more time and fuel.
  •  What is your time worth to you when planning your state to state move?  The answer is as most people would say I really don’t have the time to do this move in more then one trip. We all seem to be in the overload status in our everyday load to get everything done but often it rolls over to the next day or so. In a move it can be certain that you don’t want to come back for a second trip.

An additional cost for your move will be the equipment you need and probably looking for help for the loading and unloading of your rental truck and then the blankets, hand trucks that you will need . These items will be an additional cost to you on top of the truck rental,the fuel, tolls, and of course labor . With all these additional cost it would make perfect sense to hire an long distance moving company to give you all of the above in one simple moving cost sheet and let you be the shipper/customer and get the things you need to get done without all of the above.

Insurnce coverage.

Did you know that most truck rental companies don’t have enough coverage to cover any losses if something were to happen during your move and especially if your rental truck is hit be another vehicle.

When you select a moving company to move you out of state they will have all of the coverage you need for the move and a moving company like Easternconnectionmovers is a Thirty seven year old  moving company that can when you book your move with them will take all of the pressure off of you from renting a truck to move yourself and eliminating any stress and in fact our moving cordinators will see your move from the start to the finish. They are an award winning 5 star rated Interstate moving carrier looking to give you the absolute best moving seamless experience. Contact them today for all of your moving needs and questions. They are open daily.

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Having trouble finding a mover during this housing boom!

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During this recent housing boom where houses are selling at a rapid pace and the sellers are getting a lot more than their asking price it sure is a sellers market. Incredibly lenders are making loans at an incredible rate. The housing market hasn’t been this good for sellers in a long time. Lending rates are at the lowest in decades and this has been a boom for moving companies especially in the local moving market.

Most buyers are actually Cash buyers meaning they have more than 50% of the sellers price in order to purchase the property they are looking at. However, there are bidding wars for properties as I mentioned and this is where buyers are in fierce competition to out bid everybody else that is looking at the property to buy it with a much more than asking price winning bid. This is the good news now the bad news.

Sellers after selling their property are having difficulty finding a moving company to move them on the dates that they have to be out of the property that they just sold because movers are overbooked do to being slammed by the rush of work coming from the housing selling boom. Forget about moving yourself and finding a rental truck that is merely impossible to find any trucks to rent as they are out of stock for a truck to rent. The facts are clear before us as movers are slammed with work and one more factor the current difficulty for any employer to find an employee to hire as there are signs everywhere saying ” Hiring Now” and even offering sign on bonuses employers are offering.

The best solution that can be offered in this post to make sure you have a mover to move you whether you are looking for a long distance moving company or a local moving company.

1): speak to a movers in advance of your home selling in which I mean is to secure that mover even if you have to pay a deposit to secure that moving company to move you. If this doesn’t work then

2): Set your settlement dates around your movers schedule meaning you schedule your settlement date on a day that is after the day you move out. Now, your items may have to be kept overnight by your mover for delivery on the next day but, you will be moved out and your mover will not be able to schedule any other move for that truck and team that is moving you. Your mover will charge you a storage fee but pay it as you will be moved and will not be caught in a problem where there are no movers to move your home furnishings.

There are movers that are available to move your home furnishings and one mover we can recommend is Eastern Connection Movers at . We hope that you have a wonderful move and that this advice is helpful to you.

Long Distance Movers from Philadelphia, PA to Alexandria, VA

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Moving from Philadelphia, PA to Alexandria, VA

From the old charming town vibes, careers in STEM, and cruises on the potomac river, it’s not surprising why this old city was ranked on several lists for the top U.S. places to live in. Whether you’re growing a family or a young graduate, Eastern Connection Movers can assist with your move every step of the way from Philadelphia to Alexandria, VA. We have provided time and time again tested moving solutions since 1987, served Pennsylvania residents on all their relocation needs. As being voted and awarded by Philadelphia Magazine the best mover in the region the experts at Eastern Connection Movers are committed to providing only the best and highest standards of a quality move. We can safely move your items safely o anywhere in the United States.

Moving to Alexandria, VA from Philadelphia, PA

You can have peace of mind when you work with Eastern Connection Movers. From small apartments to large homes, our professionals have all of the expertise to meet all of your moving needs. You’ll begin with an in home estimate of your moving costs from one of our knowledgeable experts and also will be paired with one of our moving coordinators to guide you through every step of the moving process. Whether you you’re moving to Alexandria from Philadelphia for a new job or personal reasons, you’ll have the support and guidance to help tailor your move to your needs. We provide comprehensive moving services, including benefits such as:

  • Professional uniformed staff
  • Full service packing and unpacking
  • Quality packing mateerials
  • Crating of High value items
  • Tracking online of your shipment

Philadelphia, PA to Alexandria, VA Moving & Storage

Whether you just need to free up your space while you organize your move or your new home is not ready to receive your items just yet, we offer short terms and long terms storage solutions to meet your needs.

Philadelphia, PA to Alexandria, VA Movers

If you’re relocating to Alexandria, VA from Philadelphia at the request of your employer, have them contact the experts at Eastern Connection Movers. We have a comprehensive employee relocation services will work with your company to create a moving plan that is efficient , on-budget, and to your employers standards.

The friendly folks at Eastern Connection Movers would love to tel you more about our services as Philadelphia to Alexandria, Va movers- so give us a call today! If you are ready for your free, no-obligation moving quote, you can fill out our online” Contact-Us ” form right now for your free quote.

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Long Distance Movers from Pennsylvania to Arlington, Virginia

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Moving from Pennsylvania to Arlington, VA.

Great area schools, Thriving restaurant scene, and only a short drive to Washington D.C. the old charming city offers residents a big city vibe without the hassles of urban living. Moving from Philadelphia to Arlington VA may seem a bit overwhelming, but with an experienced and time tested time and time again like Eastern Connection Movers at your side, your transition can be stress free and seamless. Since 1987 we have provided the absolute high quality moving solutions and as being award the best mover in the region by Philadelphia Magazine status attests to our commitment to serving the needs of our valued customers.

Moving to Arlington, Virginia  from Pennsylvania

Northern Virginia offers safety, beauty and affluent neighborhoods. Whether you choose to make your new home, Eastern Connection Movers will relocate you regardless of your household’s size. We believe our excellent customer service is the reason our clients return to us time and time again and have kept us going over the decades. Your personal service begins with a free in home estimate from one of our expert movers. You’ll then be paired with one of our professional move coordinators that will help you navigate your move to Arlington, VA from Philadelphia. From planning to unpacking, you’ll have the support to tailor your move to your precise needs. Our comprehensive moving services include benefits such as:

  • Professional uniformed staff
  • Full service packing and unpacking services
  • Quality packing materials
  • Crating of high-value items
  • Online shipment tracking

Pennsylvania to Arlington, VA Moving & Storage

We certainly understand that sometimes things don’t line up like they should during a move. If your new home is not ready to receive your belongings just yet, we offer the option to hold your household items for however long you may need. We have long term and short term storage solutions provide you with the absolute best storage building in our secure , climate controlled facility to protect your items until they are ready.Don’t stress make your move from Philadelphia to Arlington seamlessly.

Pennsylvania to Arlington, VA Movers

If you are relocating to Arlington, VA from Philadelphia at the request of your employer, have them inquire about our employee relocation services. The experts at Eastern Connection Movers will work with your company to create an efficient moving plan that fits your employer’s standards and remains within budget.

Are you ready to receive your free estimate from the Philadelphia to Arlington movers today? All you need to do is fill out our online ” contact us” online form or call the experts in our customer service.



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Wayne, Pennsylvania Moving Company

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Wayne, Pennsylvania Movers

Your Wayne Movers is Eastern Connection Movers are the most experienced and professionally trained mover to move your home furnishings and office relocation specialists. You can be assured that our experts will meet and exceed all of your requirements to give you the best customer experience anywhere. Our services also include crating and piano moving along with high-value items as well! Our company since 1987 has exceeded the highest of the industry’s standards for a quality move.

Household & Furniture Movers-Wayne Movers, PA

Eastern Connection Movers will be glad to take on any size move from a small apartment move to a large home move whether you are moving in town or across the state or across the country our mover can safely move your items safely. By calling us we can set up a in home estimate free of charge and then give you the estimate before the move begins. With our movers all of our services are done by our in house experts so there is no need to call anybody else other then Eastern Connection Movers.

Commercial & Office Movers-Wayne Movers, PA

We also have in house specialists that specialize in an assortment of commercial projects as well! Regardless of the size of the move or the scope of your office, our Wayne movers can handle and execute an efficient relocation that will keep you and your employees happy and your down time to a minimum. Employee relocation is another one of our expertise as well. Call us today for you moving needs.


Your moving cost will be presented to in in advance before any work may begin. We offer full packing and crating services as well and all of our packing and crating services are done at your residence and we make all of our crates fit to size for your tv, artwork at a low cost which includes all materials. Our packing men and craters are trained experts to assure your move is a seamless one. Contact us today for your free non-obligation cost.

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