During this recent housing boom where houses are selling at a rapid pace and the sellers are getting a lot more than their asking price it sure is a sellers market. Incredibly lenders are making loans at an incredible rate. The housing market hasn’t been this good for sellers in a long time. Lending rates are at the lowest in decades and this has been a boom for moving companies especially in the local moving market.

Most buyers are actually Cash buyers meaning they have more than 50% of the sellers price in order to purchase the property they are looking at. However, there are bidding wars for properties as I mentioned and this is where buyers are in fierce competition to out bid everybody else that is looking at the property to buy it with a much more than asking price winning bid. This is the good news now the bad news.

Sellers after selling their property are having difficulty finding a moving company to move them on the dates that they have to be out of the property that they just sold because movers are overbooked do to being slammed by the rush of work coming from the housing selling boom. Forget about moving yourself and finding a rental truck that is merely impossible to find any trucks to rent as they are out of stock for a truck to rent. The facts are clear before us as movers are slammed with work and one more factor the current difficulty for any employer to find an employee to hire as there are signs everywhere saying ” Hiring Now” and even offering sign on bonuses employers are offering.

The best solution that can be offered in this post to make sure you have a mover to move you whether you are looking for a long distance moving company or a local moving company.

1): speak to a movers in advance of your home selling in which I mean is to secure that mover even if you have to pay a deposit to secure that moving company to move you. If this doesn’t work then

2): Set your settlement dates around your movers schedule meaning you schedule your settlement date on a day that is after the day you move out. Now, your items may have to be kept overnight by your mover for delivery on the next day but, you will be moved out and your mover will not be able to schedule any other move for that truck and team that is moving you. Your mover will charge you a storage fee but pay it as you will be moved and will not be caught in a problem where there are no movers to move your home furnishings.

There are movers that are available to move your home furnishings and one mover we can recommend is Eastern Connection Movers at easternconnectionmovers.com . We hope that you have a wonderful move and that this advice is helpful to you.

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