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Business moves by Eastern Connection Movers

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On of our other specialties moving of a Physical Therapy office recently with all of the equipment.

Eastern Connection Movers in addition to being your long distance moving and storage company our team did this move for a Pysical rehabilitation business recently giving them an absolute best business move experience. Our professionals can provide your business with a seamless move or a seamless residential out of state move. Contact us today for your no-obligation estimate. We carefully packed and disassembled and reassembled this equipment shown in the photo for this client and the move took about 8 hours but was successful.   If you are in need of a professional moving company contact us today at  http://easternconnectionmovers.com for your free comprehensive moving cost quote & for further information and one of our moving coordinators will be happy to help you. We are a 5 star rated moving company serving the Philadelphia area and beyond.

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Benefits of planning a Fall move now

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Looking for a trusted moving company for your fall 2023 out of state move? http://easternconnectionmovers.com    is the trusted moving company for your Interstate move. Whether you are moving to Florida, Georgia, MA or anywhere else we can get you there safely. Our experts in the moving industry are the Voted by the best (Philadelphia Magazine) and trusted by many top organizations to perform their Interstate moves seamlessly. Since 1987 we are Insured and Licensed Interstate carrier with the most experienced movers anywhere. 


When you book your move  with our interstate movers our moving company you will get (1):Free boxes, (2):Free automobile transportation and a company and crew that will see you thru the entire moving process. (3): Contact us today for your Free moving cost as ot will not cost you a cent. Our moving and storage company is not a broker service not a franchise and this will save you even more money on your moving budget. 

When you book your move with us ask about our Packing services and we don’t charge to diassemble or reassemble any beds.  Learn more at our website easternconnectionmovers.com today! 

Here is what one of our customers is saying about us:

Jennifer Parente
May 15, 2022.
I cannot recommend these guys enough!!! I have never seen such hard work, organization, and attention to detail. These guys truly care about your move. I would give them a million stars if I could.

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sandy monk
sandy monk
May 12, 2022.
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Moving and storage best moving company near me Pennsylvania

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A client of ours was searching online for best movers near me and was looking for affordable moving rates and came to our website and needed office moving for the office from New York City to Pennsylvania. He received many  moving quotes but chose http://easternconnectionmovers.com because of our moving company reviews .

The move was a same day service by our team as there really was not that much to move just a lot of walking in Manhattan and at the new Offices building shown here in this photo. All packing was done by the owners of this business in which is a funding company that obtains funding for various other companies we were told.

Eastern Connection Movers specializes in only state to state moving only whether you are moving residential or commercial contact us today for your free moving cost quote today contact us by email to customerservice@easternconnectionmovers.com or by telphone (484)461-8685 any day 24 hours and 7 days we are here to give you relocation assistance . Established in 1987 we offer full insurance coverage of your shipment and the expertise thousands of clients have relied upon for decades. Need reliable movers contact us today as no job is too small or to large.

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Get out of state moving assistance

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Moving with Eastern Connection movers you will have an experienced moving crew move your home furnishings at  affordable moving rates . Our moving and storage company is a trusted Pennsylvania and New York long-distance moving company. Our teams move thousands of clients each year with great success.

When booking your move with us you will get

  •  Up to one month free storage if needed
  •  Free new city information
  • All of the cost of your move in writing before the work begins
  • Free Auto transportation
  • Free Boxes
  • moving quotes free.
  • Free Advice on how to pack your items in your boxes
  • A competitive cost to move you
  • The pick up and delivery when you want it
  • Onsite crates made to order at your residence or place of business
  • An expert moving coordinator to see your move from start to finish

Moving and storage company  Pennsylvania

Contact them today for your moving cost estimate. Need more information call them now!

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Pennsylvania affordable out-of-state moving quotes

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Moving out of state can be affordable. The key to affording an out of state moving company is to hire a moving company that only specializes in residential moving . Eastern Connection Movers a 36 year old long distance Pennsylvania based professional moving company carrier that only does Interstate moving. Their household  moving services division can safely get your home furnishings to its destination when you want it and seamlessly. They are the actual moving company and have their own trucks and equipment. Whether you are moving to anywhere on the east coast or mid-west or even the southwest states they can handle the move successfully

From  the intial booking of your move to the finish our team carefully wraps all furnishings and will at no extra cost disassemble any item for safe travel and reassemble it at the destination. Their rates are by the weight of your move and the movers are uniformed and ready to srve your moving needs.

Don’t use a moving broker nor a middle man it’s best to select the movers whom are the people who will actually be doing your move. Contact them today or go to Eastern Connection Movers.com/moving/quotes for your free moving quote.

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Pennsylvania to Maryland long distance movers

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Moving with a broker service is according to news reports is not the way to move because you will not know whom you are moving with until the moving day and as a consumer you have the right to know whom will be moving your home furnishings before you sign any contracts.

Interstate movers should be done by a company that has their own team and their own moving equipment that includes the moving truck and of course an experienced moving crew  and that is what you will hire when you book your long-distance moving with our company. Since 1987 we are an insured and licensed professional moving company provide full moving services along with selling packing and unpacking seervices . Your move from Pennsylvania to Maryland will be a guaranteed seamless move.

Contact our company today for your free moving cost quote we are open 7 days and available 7 days a week.

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moving long distance use these 4 eazy steps for a safe sofa move.

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Moving out of state then use these 4 eazy steps to move that sofa long distance to prevent any damage. Any sofa especially a large one and fabric sofa one no matter what color it is can get dirty very quickly if you don’t use this moving tip. This tip comes from the professional Long Distance movers of trusted 38 year old company http://easternconnectionmovers.com/long-distance 

For over Thirty Eight years in the long distance moving business our staff has perfected the moving industry by using various methods to make sure that any out of state move is a successful move for our customers and one of these tips we are sharing to you so that you have a great move. Follow these steps to move your sofa seamless on your move.

1):  On the sofa bottom you’ll see a flap that goes around the whole bottom of your sofa  what you need to do to prervent that part of the sofa from getting dirty is to flip up that flap at the bottom and tape it up continue this all thae way around all sides of the sofa until all the flaps on all 4 sides are up and taped.

2):  Next as shown in the picture run shrink wrap around the entire sofa top,all sides and lap a bead of the wrap around the bottom.Make sure that the shrinkwrap is wrapped tightly around your sofa.

3): pull out the cushions and place them in large trash bags and seal them up. Then finish wrapping your sofa at the area where the cushions were and make sure that wrapping is tight and a complete seal.

4):  Remove the legs to the sofa and put them in a place where you know to get them when you get to your destination.

Looking for a out of state moving cost estimate from a dependable and a Google guaranteed service 5 star provider contact us today and we’ll be delighted to give you our quote which is in writing and is from an insured and licensed 38 year old moving and storage company. For a Florida mover in your town or to get a free non obligation quote for a move to any state give us a call today at (484)461-8685 and we would be happy to help you.

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Moving West Palm Beach Florida to Philadelphia Pennsylvania

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Philadelphia Pennsylvania is one of the most oldest cities in  America and in fact is the original capital of our country before Washington D.C. Philadelphia and its surounding suburbs and towns of Pennsylvania have many stories and history to each of them as from manufacturing in Philadelphia to Quakertown in Bucks county to the coal regions of Berks county, Williamsport and to the fracking and quarry mines of Tioga county.

Employment:                                                                                                     Philadelphia and its regions are a hot spot for employment and growth for anybody looking for a great job or to expand their careers along with many hospitals including

1: St Lukes                                                                                                          2: Jefferson Health Network to Temple university hospital and so many more                                                                                                         Sports:                                                                                                                Philadelphia has 3 major teams (1) The phillies (2) Eagles (3) Flyers  and a soccer team as well if you are into sports as this is the hub for the ultimate sports fan.

Property and Housing:                                                                                    Philadelphia and Pennsylvania have one of the lowest property tax rates in the country. If you are looking to purchase that new home you could not have found a better place as there are many different settings such as the rural areas of Bucks county and Berks county just for starters then if you are into city living then there is Philadelphia and its suburbs that have experienced rapid growth during the past 5 years.

Schools:                                                                                                              Excellent choice is the Philadelphia region as there are a wealth of schools that are even Ivy league such as the Wharton business school in Philadelphia to Arcadia college in Glenside to Temple school for just about every field you would like to study.

If you are planning a move or just need further information about getting quotes and comparing what movers can do for you to make your move a seamless one you have came to the right place. Our company which has been in the long distance moving business and having been in the business for over 37 years is your right choice for your move. We run the east coast weekly and with our moving choices you can be assured a move within your budget and a move in which you will not have towait for 21 days to receive your household move to Philadelphia. Hire us today or contact for your free no cost moving cost and save up to 65% off your moving cost. Find out why Eastern Connection Movers is your East Coast moving company to book your move with.

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Moving out of state “read this first”.

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Planning your out of state move is cheaper then you think and in fact, there are a lot of low cost state to state movers out there if you know where to look. A lot of us when looking and planning to move out of state on a budget and many of the people moving will think that selecting a truck rental company to move themselves is the best solution.

Actually the best and cheapest way to move is to have a moving company move your home furnishings  because if you rent a moving truck you will incurr these additional cost.

1:  Fuel

2:  Truck rental cost

3:   Your time if you move yourself  vs a moving company

4:   Tolls  and of course the equipment to protect your belongings during the  move.

5:    Additional insurance coverage that is mandatory by the rental company

To sum it all up when you have figured in the cost of fuel that you need to run your rental truck it will cost you more at the back end of the move meaning when you deliver your rental back to the rental company you will have to spend even more money when you have to fill the gas tank back up before you return the truck and will be an additional couple hundred dollars out of paying for your relocation.

Cost of Rental Truck  vs moving company cost:

When you really think about it it would cost you more by renting a truck to move yourself then using an state to state mover and so many have asked me why and my answer is this.

  •  The number one answer is that the rental trucks are in most cases to small for most household moves today as most families or people have more items then a Twnty Four Foot truck will hold and don’t worry about Uhauls so called jumbo mover when in fact all it is nothing but a 24 foot size truck when you do the measuring. Most households moving today require a moving truck that is at least 2200 cubic feet or more to do the move in one trip. In fact, Budget and Penske rentals are even smaller then a Uhaul jumbo mover truck.  Today we all are looking for the best deal and the best deal for you to move for a lot less is select a moving company to move you as your move will be done in one trip not two or more costing more time and fuel.
  •  What is your time worth to you when planning your state to state move?  The answer is as most people would say I really don’t have the time to do this move in more then one trip. We all seem to be in the overload status in our everyday load to get everything done but often it rolls over to the next day or so. In a move it can be certain that you don’t want to come back for a second trip.

An additional cost for your move will be the equipment you need and probably looking for help for the loading and unloading of your rental truck and then the blankets, hand trucks that you will need . These items will be an additional cost to you on top of the truck rental,the fuel, tolls, and of course labor . With all these additional cost it would make perfect sense to hire an long distance moving company to give you all of the above in one simple moving cost sheet and let you be the shipper/customer and get the things you need to get done without all of the above.

Insurnce coverage.

Did you know that most truck rental companies don’t have enough coverage to cover any losses if something were to happen during your move and especially if your rental truck is hit be another vehicle.

When you select a moving company to move you out of state they will have all of the coverage you need for the move and a moving company like Easternconnectionmovers is a Thirty seven year old  moving company that can when you book your move with them will take all of the pressure off of you from renting a truck to move yourself and eliminating any stress and in fact our moving cordinators will see your move from the start to the finish. They are an award winning 5 star rated Interstate moving carrier looking to give you the absolute best moving seamless experience. Contact them today for all of your moving needs and questions. They are open daily.

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Moving from Pennsylvania during winter

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Moving from Pennsylvania during winter may or may not be the best time to move out of state. For moving from Pennsylvania to another state for the perfect time depends on  your current situation that you are in whether your house has sold or you simply need to find another apartment to live in at your new state. The housing market has slowed down and the inventory still is low according to many realtors. If you are planning to move during the winter months that is the best time because the cost of an out of state move is the lowest cost time of the year as compared to the warm weather months.  Eastern Connection movers is the best choice for your Long Distance Moving Company from Philadelphia to Florida

Eastern Connection Movers also handles any out of state move to other destinations as well to ther Carolinas, Georgia, Texas, Maryland and Virgina plus other states as well. When you go with us you’ll get a great move at an affordable price. Let this company be your mover during the winter months. Contact us today www.easternconnectionmoverrs.com



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