Are you ready to take that leap and move to North Carolina. Eastern Connection Movers says you could not have made a better choice then this state. North Carolina has mild temperatures and many scenic places to go from Ashville in the north west corner a mountain area to Charlotte in the middle of the state to the beautiful beaches. If you are a student there are many colleges and schools to attent for a higher education. The state is thriving with jobs and a growing economy. The housing market there is up and the cost of these houses are fairly cheaper then most of our nation. The state is also known for one of its main items that it grows in which is cotton. There is no shortgage of outdoor activities and if you need more convincing here are 8 good reason.

1:  There is so much to do outdoors                                                        Go hiking in the mountains of Ashville in the northwest corner of the state and see the diverse land of this area and believe that there is no shortage of activities whether you are young or old. You can go biking as well , kyaking as well as boating and tubing. Go to the beaches for the sand or the ocean breeze.

2:  North Carolina’s weather is really mild.                                          If you are moving from a state that has really severe weather well you re in luck as the weather in North Carolina is really mild companred to other states in our nation. North Carolina residents do experience the Four season as is in the Northeast for example winter, spring and summer and fall are the four seasons. The best thing about living in this state is that you will not experience snow or real cold weather.

3:  A booming economy                                                                                Yes that is correct ” a booming economy” and a very thriving job market for the job seekers and the state has the most fortune 500 companies with one of the most high paying jobs as the state is home base for corporations like bank of America and Duke Energy just to name a few. This state is the hub for many other banks as well including Proctor and Gamble . The capital of the state is Charlotte.

4:  Home for top colleges and universities:                                          The first is the university of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and of course Duke. This is the premier state getting a higher education.

5:  Cost of living:                                                                                              You will find that the cost of living is relatively much lower then other states. Buying a home can be much more affordable in the state then many other states. Renting an apartment can be much lower in rent then other states as well.

6: Your health care options:                                                                       You will find out that the health care options are far better then most other states and in fact Duke university is one the most highly ranked medical universities in the country and a great school for someone looking for a medical education. It is ranked 9th for childrens specialties and the 11th for adults.

7:  The state has plenty of cultural attractions:                                   The first is the wright brothers national museum and cultural museum in Biltmore then the many theaters, musc venues and art galaries and so much more to see and visit.

8:  Food and drinks:                                                                                        The state is home and birthplace for American favorites such as Pepsi Cola, Krisy Kreme donuts, Texas Pete hot sauce and of course the food chain Bojangles. North Carolina is home of many innovative chefs as well.

Ready to move to North Carolina? 

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