Philadelphia Pennsylvania is one of the most oldest cities in  America and in fact is the original capital of our country before Washington D.C. Philadelphia and its surounding suburbs and towns of Pennsylvania have many stories and history to each of them as from manufacturing in Philadelphia to Quakertown in Bucks county to the coal regions of Berks county, Williamsport and to the fracking and quarry mines of Tioga county.

Employment:                                                                                                     Philadelphia and its regions are a hot spot for employment and growth for anybody looking for a great job or to expand their careers along with many hospitals including

1: St Lukes                                                                                                          2: Jefferson Health Network to Temple university hospital and so many more                                                                                                         Sports:                                                                                                                Philadelphia has 3 major teams (1) The phillies (2) Eagles (3) Flyers  and a soccer team as well if you are into sports as this is the hub for the ultimate sports fan.

Property and Housing:                                                                                    Philadelphia and Pennsylvania have one of the lowest property tax rates in the country. If you are looking to purchase that new home you could not have found a better place as there are many different settings such as the rural areas of Bucks county and Berks county just for starters then if you are into city living then there is Philadelphia and its suburbs that have experienced rapid growth during the past 5 years.

Schools:                                                                                                              Excellent choice is the Philadelphia region as there are a wealth of schools that are even Ivy league such as the Wharton business school in Philadelphia to Arcadia college in Glenside to Temple school for just about every field you would like to study.

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