Our team of experts has compiled several of our top resources for researching communities before your move.

Want to find out about crime in the new city you are relocating to.  Simply go online and Google crime reports for the city you are moving to.

Learn information about any school district. An excellent site which will tell you any information that you may be looking for before you decide to send your children to that new school district in your new town & see how the new school ratings compare to others by going to this site school district ratings

Moving to a new town and want to find out about the culture.
This site neighborhood culture provides a wealth of information on local neighborhood culture in every state and town in America and will make your settling down to that new place stress-free

The big task of locating that perfect residence. It can be difficult to find that new pad to move to when you are in the market for buying or even renting and it depends as well on your wallet. Our team of experts here have found these three following resource sites to make the task of finding your new home a lot easier and seamless. Just like finding the right moving company to move you these sites direct you to the right home for you. First, Finding that new residence or here is another great site to check out another great real estate resource finally, The choice is yours when buying or looking just to rent either long term or short term.

Locating a medical provider or hospital. The website National hospital and medical care directory is the best resource for locating a medical provider in your new city or neighborhood. This site will tell you by using their easy closest medical provider search box exactly where the nearest hospital or medical facility is for you. Your family’s care is important to you and at the site yo can see what medical plans are accepted & by whom. A great medical resource this is.

Our mission at Eastern Connection Movers is to provide you with the most updated and accurate information resources to help you before and after you have made that move. For a free no cost moving quotation or to obtain information on booking your move with us email us at Moving cost quote today.

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