It’s exciting and for some of us a once in a lifetime experience to move into a new home that was especially built for you and your family. If you have kids this could be a new school system for them to attend along with a new job location for you as well. The main thing is that you are the first to occupy that new if it is new construction. There are a few things that are a good idea to plan to do in advance of your movers that will be moving you into that new home.

The First, at least two days before your movers arrive to move you in give that new home a real good cleaning and if it’s a new construction it would be a great idea to clean it very carefully.

The cleaning of all wood floors should be dry moped and then cleaned with a product such as Murphy’s Wood soap oil as this will remove and dust or spills that might be left after the previous owners or the construction workers.

All rugs I would recommend using a steam vac or rug cleaning machine with a product that will clean the rugs and remove and debris that might be left in the rug

Clean and wipe down all bathrooms and tile floors. It’s a good idea to clean your glass especially if you are moving into a new construction house and I would recommend using vinegar and water into a spray bottle and then wiping the glass clean with newspapers as this will eliminate any streaks that may occur.

Second, After your new residence is cleaned it’s a great idea to prepare for the movers by purchasing from your local hardware store Brown painter’s paper in which comes in large rolls and laying it down on your foyer entrances ad over your clean rugs and stairs. When laying this down secure to the floor with a product called Frog Green tape as by taking these steps you will make sure that your house will remain clean and when the move is completed you can simply lift up the tape and paper and toss it into your trash or save it for another project if you like.

Third, One further thing to prepare for the movers and to keep your new home clean always make sure that you have a mat outside the door way into your home where the movers coming into your home can wipe there feet if needed.

Fourth, To keep your house clean make sure you label each tote or box as to where which room they go to and then place a label outside each room in the house as to say bedroom one, bedroom two, master bedroom, nursery, den, and so on as by doing this step it will reduce the number of traffic in your new home and will help you keep it clean.

Written by: Bill Smith in client services at Eastern Connection Movers and your comments are welcome here or by visiting our website at

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