The Required Landlord Disclosures in Pa.

Under the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania law, all landlords must disclose all specific information to their tenants which is usually in the lease or a rental agreement and such as the name & the address of the banking office where the security deposit is to be kept for details on this go to

Small claims court lawsuits in Pa.

Laws in Pennsylvania limits how much a landlord can charge for your security deposit as it’s basically (two months rent for the first year of renting and one month’s rent during subsequent years that follow and when it must be returned within a period of 30 days after you the tenant have moved out. You can find out above this by going to the same website link that we provided in the above first section of this article. In Pa you can only sue up to a maximum Dollar value of Twelve Thousand Dollars in a small claims court.

Tenant has the right to withhold rent in Pa.

A tenant may withhold rent or use the right to ” repair and deduct” if your landlord fails to make or take care of any repairs such as a broken heater. For further information on this go to the website that we provided in the first section of this article for further help.

Pa Termination and eviction rules.

Pa laws specify when and how your landlord may terminate your tenancy. For one example, the landlord may give a Pa tenant who has failed to pay their rent an unconditional quit notice which gives the tenants Ten days to leave the premises before the land can file for an eviction. You can view this law at

Your landlord’s access to his property while you are renting it.

Several and other landlord tenant laws in Pa affect both you the tenant and your landlord which includes:

  • Tenant Protections against landlord taking revenge against you the tenant for standing up for your legal rights, such as complaining about unsafe living conditions.
  • The procedures of how a landlord must handle abandonment of property left behind by the tenants
  • Fair housing rights( Discrimination is also prohibited by federal and local laws). See the website that we provided a link to above for further details on this.

Where to find additional Landlord-Tenant Statues.

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Contact a lawyer in your area for additional legal help on statues and regulations.

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