Preparing for your moving day is essential so that the move goes smooth and that you don’t end up spending more time and money then you really have to. Storing your items can be another headache if you don’t have your items packed in the strongest and best method to store your items whether it be for short term or a long term storage. Most families and people tend to think well I’ll just get boxes and pack all my items in boxes and that will end that problem.

But, in reality if you are going to store your items in a basement or garage and must stack them you will be better off purchasing Plastic totes and yes, I said totes and why? Totes in the long run can be stacked and your items are in a secure strong container that don’t crush like cardboard does and when you stack them they can be stack in uniform because they lock in place. The cost of plastic totes are usually 25% at least cheaper then cardboard boxes and they sell at stores in a bundle of Five for Ten Dollars and the other benefit is that you don’t need to shell out any extra for sealing tape because the totes lids lock down into the container. We here always tell our clients when packing themselves to use plastic totes and in the above I’ve answered why this packing method is the better way to go. Finally the plastic totes are completely water proof as compared to cardboard in which if it does get wet the items inside will get wet as well. The choice is yours as a consumer and we all are looking for that bargain that will save us time and money and to get the best bang for our buck.

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