Resources for Apartment renters in Pennsylvania by B Rogers at a Philadelphia Moving Company. I myself part of the Eastern Connection Movers team thought that I would write this post in our blog here to give my fellow apartment renters a resource to go to on Moving into your new apartment, moving out and of course landlord and tenants rights as what they can do and what they can’t do to you as a tenant.

In each of the many moves my company has done we hear cases every now and then where a tenant was done wrong by a landlord or the other way around so I thought that this would be a great handy post to the resources information at the very opening of this post entitled ” Resources for Apartment renters in Pennsylvania” and of course these many laws and rules apply in most cases to renters in other states as well I’m sure and for certain. The resources pages that I have linked to talk about:

1: Title 68 of Pennsylvania renters law

2: Deposits and escrow

3: Real property

4: discrimination

5: Leases and agreements

6: Official state codes to the laws in all (50 states):

7: If you have a claim how to get free legal representation and evaluation of your claim.

The best part of this post and the resource is that even if you aren’t a resident of Pennsylvania you still can get the information on any state you may be a renter in. Further, this resources comes from a very informative site that even attorneys go to when they need to find what they are looking for on various codes and laws. If you can’t afford an attorney thru this resource you might be able to get free representation if you are having housing problems associated with your lease.

Some other helpful tips to remember :

8): Always check out the owners of the apartments where you are planning to move into. You do an online search or search local county or city records to see if there were any violations in the past and ask a current resident of how it is there before you make a final decision to take that apartment or find something else.

Some important questions to ask are.

9): Is there any insect infestations and has there been any in the past and when?

10): How about the plumbing and heating in the building as to if they have had any problems in the past and when?
11): How about the air conditioning system?

12): How about the parking in the evening is it congested ?

13): If there ever was a problem and you needed a repair done how long did it take for a repair person to show up?

14): Ask a current resident if there has ever been any crime or break in at the apartment building and when if any did it happen?

It is a good idea to be really informed about moving into a new apartment building because the better you are informed the better decision of where to move to will be helpful to you in the long run.

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