We from time to time have some really bad storms in which there is bad wind, rain or snow or even ice storms. These types of weather can cause some bad calamities in which power is lost and you really have nothing to do but wait out the storm. Here are some bad weather tips at your home to prepare you for the worst.

  • Have an alternative way to supply electric power such as a generator which will power everything in your home except an electric stove. A generator of at least 8000 watts is highly recommended.
  • If you use electric to heat your home and you lose the electric it’s a good idea to have a wood or coal burning stove as this will heat your home and keep you warm while the power is out and you can cook on these types of heating devices. A Kerosene heater is another great source of heat as well but make sure you have plenty of fuel on hand to refuel it as you go along.
  • An outside grill is another great idea to have so that you can cook on it .
  • If a storm is coming especially a bad one such as a wind storm or rain it might be a good idea to park your vehicles inside your garage if you have one or park away from any trees in case a tree should fall at least it won’t crush your vehicle.
  • Make sure before a storm is coming that your gutters and down spouts are clear so that the water can run down them unrestricted so that you don’t have any flooded basements if you have one.
  • Prepare in advance for the upcoming storm as such to have all your important papers like home owners policy ready,car insurance policies ready and bank account info in a safe place so that if an incident happens you know where to find the papers to file a claim without having to look for them after the fact.
  • Make sure all your vehicles are fueled up in case you need them .
  • Before the storm arrives make sure you have enough food and bottled water to get you thru the storm.
  • If you wish to travel to relatives that are out of the area in a safe place then do it before the storm arrives.
  • Always make sure you have a radio that is operated by batteries to keep you up to date.

If after the storm you should need the services of a movers near me you can certainly hire the movers to move your items to a place to store them until repairs have been made to your home and are completed.

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