Preparing for an out of state move can be very hard and hectic getting your ducks in line for the up coming big day. Here are some things to make that move much easier for you on moving day.

Before the move day:

Have all of your things that you don’t need until you are at your new home packed and ready for the movers on moving day. It’s best that after you have packed each box that you take a black felt marker and label in the upper corner of each box what room it goes in at your new home.

Place if you can all boxes that you have packed in your garage or a single room mainly on the first floor of your residence as this will make the move loading go much faster.

When packing each box make sure that before you seal the box up that when the box is closed it does not dip down at the top. You may need to add some filler like packing paper. towels or cut the side walls down on the boxes to make a bigger flap to close the box but this will when you seal the box up give the top of the box a non dipping top in which will reduce anything inside your box from getting damaged during the move.

Have all pets put in a room with the door closed so that your movers will not be falling over them or so you will not have them get loose outside the  home when your movers go outside or come inside during the move.

Try to get the move started early if possible.

Starting a move first thing and early in the morning at the crack of dawn foir a large move is recommended so that the move can be loaded before dark if it’s a long distance move or if it’s a local move your move can be done in one day the load and unload at the delivery location and further your neighbors will appreciate the move being done during daylight especially if they have kids that have to get to bed early for school the next day.

Have you contacted all your utility companies?

Make sure that you have contacted all utility companies not only at your town you are movig out of but at the new town as well so that you are not being billed for a utility at your old home that you no longer live there and at the new home you have all utilities up and running so that your move and new home can be a seamless one.

Gas powered equipment.

Before moving drain all gas out of any power equipment at least 24 hours before your scheduled move as this will eliminate anything from catching fire.

More packing tips.

Don’t pack any matches, spray cans, bleaches household cleaners as these are forbidden to be taken by your mover as they are hazardous or flammable items. We recommend getting more packing tips by going here to  learn more

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