Hi my name is Micky and I’m your moving coordinator here at Eastern Connection Movers and we are a 37 year old long distance moving company specializing in out of state moving. Our trucks are running up and down the East Coast on a weekly basis and if you are moving to Florida or planning to move there well you have come to the right company that can handle your move within your budget.

First, let me tell you about Florida. Florida is known as the sunshine state and it takes Ten hours to travel from Jacksonville to Key West and then the same time from Jacksonville to Pensacola. Second it is a state that is cheaper to live in then most other states and has low property taxes with a number of things to do for the retired person and the middle aged. St Augustine is a very old town with the lighthouse there dating back to 1824. Daytona Beach is famous for Bike week in which it is held twice a year with the big one in March and Biketober fest in October. Daytona Beach is known for the Dayona 500 a major race every year. Recently Florida has improved on the major interstates like 95, route 4, 75 and interstate 10. If you are looking for a real estate agent there is no reason to worry as this state is saturated with those professionals. If you are looking to retire that state is the perfect one for your retirement as there are thousands heading there monthly and even your car insurance would be cheaper then for example Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Miami and West Palm beach even have Wawa food stores there as there is in the northeast.

When selecting a long distance moving company go to our website and learn more about our out of state moving services by going to here http://easternconnectionmovers.com/long-distance-movers  and read why more and customers are selecting us to move them. Here is why you should contact us today for your free moving quote.

*When you book with us you will get a free quote in writing before any move begins.

  • When booking with us you will get an expert moving cordinator to see you thru your move from start to finish.
  • You will be moved by the actual moving company and no brokers or any franchised moving company and for certain no agent for any big van line either as you will get direct service.
  • Picked up and delivered when you want it.
  • Exclusive use moves for large moves and small moves
  • Full insurance valuation coverage
  • Everything will be carefully wrapped by our team of expert movers.
  • Take advantage of a free car move ( contact us for details).
  • No double handling or triple handling of your shipment just picked up and delivered by the same truck and team.
  • Moving back from Florida we can handle that as we have an office in the state to make your move even more seamless.

Contact us now as there is no other reason for your out of state move that is saffordable other then our moving company

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