Moving can be overwhelming if you are not prepared for it. In this post I’m going to tell you how to pack your dish cartons correctly if you are doing a self pack for your upcoming out of state move. It is vital that the items in your dish boxes are packed correctly to make sure there is no damages that couls occur from an improper packed box.

Step 1:  Make sure you use the correct boxes for your dishes and I prefer to use the actual dish boxes with the double sided wall to give it extra stability. After you get the boxes open the box up and Tape the bottom and sides with a quality tape.

Step 2:   After taping the box it’s best to get the packing paper us experts use that is inklerss and comes in 25 pound bundles. The cost is usually around  $ 40.00 per bundle maybe less depending upon where you buy it from.  Take the bundle of paper and lay it out on your table’s flat surface and then take a few sheets and fold a few sheets probable around 8 sheets on the bottom of the box to make sure all areas are covered at the bottom of the box.

Step 3:  Get one plate at a time and take two sheets of paper laid flat out and place the dish in the paper  and fold the paper around the dish like wrapping a baby’s diaper ( use this style of wrapping your dish plates). The continue this on the bottom first row of plates at the bottom of the box. Then take another 8 sheets of the packing paper and fold then over and place them on top of your first row of the dishes that are on the bottom of your box. The next step is to start another row of dishes however you need to run the second row of your dishes the other way from the way  you ran the dishes at the bottom of the box. After the row is completed repeat how you packed the dishes on your first bottom row.  To pack any glasses or stemware you need to pack them by again laying out 3 sheets of packing paper on the flat surface on your table and place your glass in the center and wrap the glass like a baby’s diaper concentrating  on the  packing paper to be placed around the bottom of the glass and inside the glass  itself to give it support from crushing in.

Step 4:  After you have filled the box at the very top make sure that you bundle up some packing paper to make sure that the top of the box will not sink in after you seal it with your sealing tape. Close the box and seal it with your tape. The best recommended tape is the  brown box sealing tape for best results.

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