Moving Cost Calculator will determine how much space do you really need. When moving it requires a lot of calculating and cost estimation, for the mileage to your moving supplies. The most biggest factor of your move is how much space will I need to do my move and for all of my personal belongings. The moving calculator will determine the number of cubic square feet you will need and the exact weight of your move. This will help you avoid overpaying for too much space in a moving truck and help you avoid a disaster in not having enough space on a moving truck.  Before you decide on your moving company , understand that the best way to obtain your best cost for the move is to have an exact list or inventory of what is exactly to be moved handy to speak to the moving company’s moving consultant.

When  speaking to your moving consultant he or she will ask you for the inventory of all the items that are in your upcoming move and you need to go room by room off your list and you will see that the cubic square feet and weight will add up fast. When speaking to the moving consultant they will ask you your origin zip code and destination zip code as this will also determine the actual cost of your move and don’t forget to add in your inventory list the estimated number of boxes you believe you will have in your move.

Average Breakdown Of Cubic Feet And Weight

600 - 1,000 = 7 feet

1,200 - 1,500 = 13 feet

1,500 - 1800 = 17 feet

2,000 - 2,400 = 23 feet

2,800 - 3,200 = 35 feet

Working On A Budget & Need Minimal Cost

The best advice is get multiple quotes.

Moving Out Of State

The best advice is get quotes from only movers that do out of state moves. Eastern Connection Movers and you can contact them at to receive a free moving cost quote.

Save Money By Doing These Steps

It's a great idea to take apart all your beds and disconnect your appliances in advance of your movers arrival. Also take apart any desks and remove any televisions off the wall and if you can place all of your boxes in one room or area as these steps will save you time and money if you are on a budget. At the delivery location you put all the items back together as this will save you even more money and time.

Final Tip

Make sure you get your estimated moving cost in writing and up front before hiring a mover. The estimate or ( Order For Service Form) will show your zip code to zip code, will show your estimate cubic feet and estimated weight of your move including the exact inventory list of the items that are to be moved. The form also will show the pick up dates and the delivery spread dates for delivery at your new location.

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