The Picture above shows another home in America for sale and as of of the Philadelphia areas top and award winning moving company Eastern Connection Movers Local and Long distance movers facilitates hundreds of home moves each year. Our company a has vested interest in the comfort and security of each of our customers to make each moving process a pleasant and seamless move in every move. With our expert local and long distance professional movers at your disposal , the moving process of moving you becomes easy so you stay focused on the other things that have to be done like making sure that both of your old and new utility companies have been notified of when to turn off and turn on your utilities.

Time To get a Bigger Home

First Reason:

Of the most common reasons for the time for moving is that people have outgrown their old house. Having or expanding the family is the main catalyst for a move. Families as they grow usually move from an apartment, townhouse to a multi bedroom house.

Downsizing a home

Second reason

It sometimes may seem like a step backwards however, downsizing is a natural part of the opposite of upsizing. As children grow up a leave the nest and parents get older this often leaves couples with a large home with many rooms and a lot of upkeep for a house that is for a family and not usually just a aging couple. The bigger the house the more of the upkeep and needless expenses.

About Senior friendly homes

Third reason

Seniors in most cases move to smaller houses because it is cheaper to live and maintain. The proximity to medical centers and better weather are some of the real big reasons for these moves. Relatives or close friends may also move closer to the elderly family members to help them with their daily needs or in case of an emergency need may arise and be closer to them thru those golden years of aging.

How to get a seamless move

Eastern Connection Movers can make your move a seamless move whether you are up sizing or downsizing and from the planning to packing, crating and your move to another local area or instate move or out of state move. Give our customer service a call today or visit us online and get your free quote.

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