This method will make your move easier when moving with steps on your job.

Many self movers including many full service moving companies will from time to time run into a flight or two maybe three of steps because there is no elevator to use. This can be a very big obstacle to overcome especially if your move involves unloading or loading a big truck. Steps always make the move take more time to get completed. The following method will make the job easier and you”ll get it done quicker for certain!.

First,  The more help you have the faster you”ll get done.

Second,  Have 1 person to unload , the second person to move everything up to the top and third person to take stuff into the residence.

2 Flights or more.  Repeat the second step just have the second person go up one more flight of stairs. Heavy items should be carried up the steps by two helpers while third guy is unloading or loading. Finally, to make your move easier just place a hand truck up at the top floor so that it can be used to hand truck heavy items in. Put a blanket down on the floor where you”ll be unloading your hand truck to prevent scratches.


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