You have to move your business so where do you start? Well, let us assume that your business is healthy and growing and you are looking to relocate. Moving a business or office can take some careful planning. There are a few key considerations that are essential to a smooth transition.

Start with your logistics. What needs to be addressed with reference to your goods and how you will get those goods to the customer? Are you going to incur significant difficulties to maintaining availability of your product? Address these issues before the move because your availability of your goods will most certainly affect the health of your business. This includes not only shipping costs but time associated with receiving much needed parts and supplies.

Next, think of team members. Your staff is often what makes or breaks the effectiveness of your business. Do you have employees in place or do you need to hire new staff? Remember that training your employees can consume a large amount of your time as a business owner..

Also, when moving be sure to plan for a lull in your customers. Unless you are a franchise, or your location is irrelevant to getting business, you will most likely need to re-establish yourselves at that location.

Have a set of funds set aside to assist during this time of slow business re-launch. It could be a rough six months but once you are established you will have built customers the healthy and sustainable way.

Depending on what type of business you are relocating will determine if you need specialty movers. Most movers’ services include residential and basic office moves. But if you need to move a restaurant or bio lab, then special types of movers need to be considered.

Lastly, have a kill-switch on the business launch. You need be honest with the feasibility of your business in the new area. Have a time frame by which to determine if this business has long-term profitability and certain milestones to help you make this decision.

There is a fine line between determination and being naïve. If you are slowly draining your life savings to support this business, it would be wise to pursue hitting the kill-switch. You are the one that needs to honestly say whether this is working and have the courage to shut it down. And remember, whenever you are moving, never go cheap on movers.

To implement a kill-switch means that you also are not betting house and farm on the success of this new launch. Moving a business should not be life or death for you, personally or professionally. Even if you are moving your business because of some requirement, like your spouse is re-located at work, scale it to fit a fiscal reasonableness.

Reasonable businesses take risks but those risks are always calculated. Your calculation should never be an, ‘all or nothing’ posture but a posture that includes what to do if your business fails.

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