Moving service can be costly and for some when you are looking for a small amount of items to move you call around and find the movers that you are getting price quotes from our basically set up for those big minimum charges and geared towards big moves or you’ll find a mover that does small moves but the truck they have is too small for your move Over the years of being in the moving business we’ll share with you these tips that will make your move a better move and less costly to your wallet.

The first, when you have a small move it’s better to ask the mover that you are talking to to have the crew bring a large moving truck and the reason why is that the bigger the truck the quicker your move will go avoiding those extra hourly charges for the team to pack the truck like a puzzle to fit everything on. The bigger truck makes the move go quicker and all the men have to do is just floor load instead of packing it tight.

Secondly, try to ask the mover if they can bring the bigger truck for the same price as the smaller truck .

Thirdly, Try to get the movers to park the truck closer to the entrance or door that you will be coming out of to load and if you have steps that are not that steep ask if the mover can place the walk boards over top of the steps as this will avoid the men have to waste time climbing up and down steps.

Fourthly, If anything in your residence appears to not to be able to go thru a door way with the door on well then take the door off yourself and have this done before the team comes to move you. This will save you time having to pay for the team to take a door off.

Fifth, make it a point to have one specific door that the movers will go in and out of your residence.

These steps and more will help you move in less time and save you money at the end of the job. For more tips visit our website at

This article written by Bill Rodgers expert mover for 32 years.

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