So often I’m asked, how to go about finding the right moving company. There are so many ads for moving companies online especially those brokers whom seem to present themselves as a moving & storage company with their own employees with company-owned trucks but, after booking your move with them on moving day you sadly discover that the company you thought was on the up and up really are just a broker and you now are on the moving date that you must be out of your residence and have no choice but to use this other company whom you have not had any communication with until moving day. The really bad thing is that you have had no time to check out the company that you are forced to go with and you are full of questions.

In your search online you went thru a lot of web pages and probably I’ll assume had a boat load of calls from other moving inquiries that you submitted to web sites that say that after filling out the request for quotes your information will be submitted to six moving companies and come to find out like I mentioned you get a boat load of calls that are so overwhelming and this precisely my point there are online ads & sites that mask themselves as moving companies with their own equipment and employees and then there are certainly the ones that you can simply figure out that they are brokers when the say in the website that your information will be submitted to six companies for a quote to be sent to you or you will get a call from them.

My answer to finding the right mover for you is to avoid any of those sites that again state that your information will be submitted to six companies for your quotation & then to ask them if they have their own employees and equipment as then by their reply or checking about them online you will be able to come to your own decision. Brokers aren’t the way to go when you are moving your heirlooms or home furnishings as in most cases that broker isn’t local and then you really don’t know whom you or they have selected to move your household goods. When moving you want a moving company that is reputable and local and here are more answers for you.

I just gave you the bad news as to what can happen and now for the good news, Find a company that is local or is very reputable with things like being awarded the best mover by a publication in their area or they have a 5 star rating and good reviews by their customers and really show the expertise of the people they employ in which can be determined simply by making an appointment with a representative of the company to come to your residence and give you a price quotation for the move you are about to have done. You should always ask the estimator that comes to your residence if she or he has actually done the bull work by lifting, moving and packing and have they ever loaded a moving truck. Ask how many years have they been in the moving and storage business. If the answer is no then the best decision for you is to go onto the next estimator and rest assured you will find the right experienced company because experience starts with experience as anyone can walk around with a pencil in their hands with paper.

Moving companies with extended hours is the company to use & then a company that can meet your moving needs that is all done with in house employees like do you move antiques and what about vehicle moving as well but, of course that they can have a flexible schedule to work around your schedule.

Our expertise is household goods moving along with our experts that move pianos. antiques and packing with crating services with our mission to give each client a seamless move every time. For those whom want to learn more, they can simply go to where they can learn about moving tips. great tutorials on packing and scheduling a move or they can call them in state at (484)461-8685 or from out of state (877)480-6683 or go to their Facebook page by clicking here at

At Eastern Connection Movers, they have a goal to provide clients with a fair priced move that is a seamless move from a reputable moving and storage company.

by: Joel Adams, writer.

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