Here is the best method to protect your items when moving

If you go to a food store the usual question is to bag up up groceries is will it be Paper or Plastic and it can come as the same question when moving Cardboard or plastic. It is very important when moving long distance to have to best protection for your items when being moved.

Plastic totes are very popular for storage and so why not use them for your move. Plastic totes are a very smart investment especially when you are investing in your move. They are virtually break proof and are a lot better in your cross country trek.

We will help you decide

First thing, We’ll talk about some basic information about each, then we’ll go into some real facts about plastic totes. First, this company will rent the totes to you cheaper then buying boxes for your long distance move.

Cardboard moving boxes

Will come in a variety of sizes for virtually any size item you wish to pack ( you can even customize them any size by using multiple boxes), They break down very easy any recyclable like plastic containers yet the smaller ones are difficult to overfill, they’re easy to carry but after many moves can’t be reused and if they get get wet they’re done.

So which is better for moving household goods long distance ? Most people whom have moved say Boxes and others say Plastic Totes and here are the reasons.

1: Durability for cardboard boxes. This is the most critical answer for the use of cardboard boxes rather than plastic totes. Boxes are designed for moving are made of corrugated fiberboard that can protect your household goods packed inside it while in transit. Boxes can stack high on the edge to edges, they hold their shape better than plastic counterparts.

1 a: Durability of plastic moving containers. They come in various sizes and are just as strong as their counterpart Cardboard boxes however, Plastic containers totes can be reused over and over again as cardboard containers can’t and that is why after the tape is put on them removed and the carton is resealed by tape this can weaken the boxes and actually tear the cardboard fiber making it useless. If the Cardboard box gets wet by accident then that’s it. If you are packing dishes Plastic container totes we have been told are the best for strength.

2. Space. Some moving companies that do long distance moving charge by the amount of space used or taken up in their moving truck. This prices each long distance move by weight

3. Cost. Whether you use Plastic totes or cardboard boxes for your move this will really play a major factor in your decision making. With the both options , with cardboard boxes you’ll need to buy the sealing tape which can be expensive and then packing paper however, on the other hand you don’t need sealing tape for your Plastic containers because they just snap shut and are closed. You’ll still need the packing paper for the Plastic totes but not the high cost of the sealing tape in which is as high as for two rolls at $ 8.00 dollars at your local home supply store to low as $ 3.50 per roll. Whatever you select be sure to always place the heavy boxes or totes on the bottom and with the much lite containers on the top.

4: To save money and rent Plastic tote containers for your long distance move. We suggest using this company for your long distance move and they’ll rent you the containers you need for your long distance trek.

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