Moving is a great time, no matter what the reasons. Moving is and important life changes, like getting a new job, a better career, or that first purchase of a new home. In addition to the excitement, however, moving can be a difficult challenge if you are not ready for it. When you consider the need for boxes, figuring out when to cancel your utilities and when to start the utilities at your new residence and then to memorize your new address as things can quickly become overwhelming.

There is a way to reduce the pressure and stress level of moving. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed, consider hiring full-service movers to take over the stress and help you get packed and moved to your new residence. They work with you on all aspects of your move to create a seamless moving process-no matter how far you’re moving, or what you’re taking with you. From the packing and crating, to moving specialty items and setting them up for you in your new place, full-service movers can mean the difference between an enjoyable experience and a chaotic, disorganized mess.

Taking advantage of our services

If you re considering taking advantage of professional moving services for your move, you’re in the right place. At Eastern Connection Movers we are proud to serve our customers with a top quality absolute comprehensive moving services. Follow along with us as we cover what to expect for your full-service movers, and how you can started today with your local or long distance movers right now.

What is the idea in a full service move

The idea of a full-service move sounds great. There are many companies that advertise full services, but what does that really mean? That’s is how it can be tricky. Some companies will try to get by by stating their full-service when they really only offer you a watered down, simple moving experience. Here is the best breakdown of what Eastern Connection Movers can offer you for a full-service move.

Explanation of different moving terms

  • Professional expert staff: A lot of companies will subcontract their movers, which means they are people that are not direct employees. They can create a breakdown between what you need and what you get. Going with a company that hires the absolute best experienced movers is what you will get when you hire our company to move you.
  • Crating for High Value-Items: Some customers have items that are extra valuable and need that extra care. Working with a full-service mover like ours is the absolute best way to move.
  • Full-Service Packing: Packing can be a real chore. While there can be things to be packed that need extra care , rest assured our expert packing team can take that load from you and pack the items to insure no breakage.
  • Vehicle Shipping: Our team of experts can transport your vehicle whether a car, motorcycle etc . Have more than one vehicle no problem. We can accommodate this as well.

Chances are that you won’t need every single service available as every person has different needs. Let us design a moving plan for you.

Full service with Eastern Connection Movers

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