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Moving in a real estate market and during a banking collapse

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Moving during a real estate market low and during a recent bank collapse can be a difficult decision to make during these times. As we all know of the SVB bank collpase as of Friday March 10, 2023 and then Signature bank of New York.  The banking industry is in trouble but it is not the big banks but the small regional banks that bring more concern then the big ones like Wells Fargo, J.P. Morgan and Chase etc. These banks maintain solvency in these times. Banks collapse is most likely due to bad investing as a bank really invests in risky investments in which lately a lot have lost value by over 50%. The banking industry is built on trust by its depositors and investors. A bank is nothing but a place to park your deposits in which the bank keeps only 10% of the deposits and invests into risky ventures like crypto in which some have collapsed as well like recent FTX and a few others have closed. The FDIC is not goverment owned but is a privately owned corporation. the picture doesn’t look that good but at this point it would be best for the consumer to be purchasing Gold and Silver coins and items that are more tanigble at this present time even thou you may lose a little value with tanigble items you will not lose your shirt totally.

Housing market is still low with low inventory and nothing really out there but there are some still hot spots where the market is still booming and with that said  the spring flowers are starting to emerge and I wanted to share with you some things what we are seeing even thou homeowners are still holding off moving.

Already 3 months or so into the new year and we  are seeing Buyers are active in buying homes and most are for investnent purposes and some second time buyers

Buyers are active.  We see homes selling faster in January then in July last year.

Homes are holding their values.  The average value of a home is up almost by 2% over last year.

– Mortgage rates are volatile! Rates have whipsawed from 7.3% in November to below 6% in January, to now mid-6%’s heading in to March. With such volatility, it’s best to get your mortgage application in place in advance, so that you can lock in your rate when they hit a point of interest.

These trends are all validating that the market is shifting in to a more balanced and healthy place.

Summary.  Now would be the time to sell your present property or rent it out for that extra monthly income because it is something tangible and even thou the value might dip you will not lose your shirt like you will with money by having it in a bank. The property is an income property and whether you are selling or just moving your home furnishings and looking for a dependable and trustworthy mover whom knows how to give you the absolute best moving services let Eastern Connection Movers do your move. Contact us at http://easternconnectionmovers.com for your free moving cost quote today!. We are not a broker nor a franchised moving company but the actual mover that has been in business over 38 years and is 5 star rated.

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Moving from Pennsylvania during winter

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Moving from Pennsylvania during winter may or may not be the best time to move out of state. For moving from Pennsylvania to another state for the perfect time depends on  your current situation that you are in whether your house has sold or you simply need to find another apartment to live in at your new state. The housing market has slowed down and the inventory still is low according to many realtors. If you are planning to move during the winter months that is the best time because the cost of an out of state move is the lowest cost time of the year as compared to the warm weather months.  Eastern Connection movers is the best choice for your Long Distance Moving Company from Philadelphia to Florida

Eastern Connection Movers also handles any out of state move to other destinations as well to ther Carolinas, Georgia, Texas, Maryland and Virgina plus other states as well. When you go with us you’ll get a great move at an affordable price. Let this company be your mover during the winter months. Contact us today www.easternconnectionmoverrs.com



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Long Distance Moving Company Philadelphia Pennsylvania to Atlanta Georgia

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Moving from Philadelphia to Atlanta

Moving is no simple task and moving from Philadelphia to Atlanta can be a seamless by using Eastern Connection Movers for your move. To avoid any hassels of packing, loading and navigating metro traffic, go with the long distance movers that have what it takes to handle every aspect of your relocation with ease. Eastern Connection Movers will make moving to Atlanta from Philadelphia a pain free process by offering comprehensive services at a reasonable rate. Our over three decades of quality service is marked by being awarded by Philadelphia Magazine the best of Philadelphia mover award. We have the resources to give you a seamless move.

Friendly Long Distance Moving Services for Philadelphia

Whether you are moving for business or personal reasons, it’s important to hire full service movers that offer custom and tailored to your moving needs plans for a excellent customer experience. Otherwise, you could end up paying too much for service you don’t need or find your move lacks adequate support. Eastern Connection Movers offers a large variety of long distance moving services for most any relocation need and budget, and our team is supremely courteous and dedicated to giving you a positive client experience.

To get started, we provide up-front pricing meaning that we will do a free on-site walk thru estimate of your items to be moved and then give you the price up-front in writing before the move begins. Our representatives will answer any question that you may have. Some of the many services and amenities we offer include but not limited to:

  • Professional Uniformed movers
  • Full-Service Packing
  • Quality Packing Materials
  • Crating of high value items
  • Online Shipment Tracking
  • Vehicle Shipping

Get a Free Philadelphia to Atlanta Moving Estimate!

If your move is required by an employer, ask them to call Eastern Connection Movers today to learn about our employee relocation program and affordable on budget relocation services. If you’re moving for personal reasons, call us now to discuss your individual moving needs with a helpful member of our customer service team or get started by visiting our online”Contact-us” form for a free quote.





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Long Distance Movers from Pennsylvania to Arlington, Virginia

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Moving from Pennsylvania to Arlington, VA.

Great area schools, Thriving restaurant scene, and only a short drive to Washington D.C. the old charming city offers residents a big city vibe without the hassles of urban living. Moving from Philadelphia to Arlington VA may seem a bit overwhelming, but with an experienced and time tested time and time again like Eastern Connection Movers at your side, your transition can be stress free and seamless. Since 1987 we have provided the absolute high quality moving solutions and as being award the best mover in the region by Philadelphia Magazine status attests to our commitment to serving the needs of our valued customers.

Moving to Arlington, Virginia  from Pennsylvania

Northern Virginia offers safety, beauty and affluent neighborhoods. Whether you choose to make your new home, Eastern Connection Movers will relocate you regardless of your household’s size. We believe our excellent customer service is the reason our clients return to us time and time again and have kept us going over the decades. Your personal service begins with a free in home estimate from one of our expert movers. You’ll then be paired with one of our professional move coordinators that will help you navigate your move to Arlington, VA from Philadelphia. From planning to unpacking, you’ll have the support to tailor your move to your precise needs. Our comprehensive moving services include benefits such as:

  • Professional uniformed staff
  • Full service packing and unpacking services
  • Quality packing materials
  • Crating of high-value items
  • Online shipment tracking

Pennsylvania to Arlington, VA Moving & Storage

We certainly understand that sometimes things don’t line up like they should during a move. If your new home is not ready to receive your belongings just yet, we offer the option to hold your household items for however long you may need. We have long term and short term storage solutions provide you with the absolute best storage building in our secure , climate controlled facility to protect your items until they are ready.Don’t stress make your move from Philadelphia to Arlington seamlessly.

Pennsylvania to Arlington, VA Movers

If you are relocating to Arlington, VA from Philadelphia at the request of your employer, have them inquire about our employee relocation services. The experts at Eastern Connection Movers will work with your company to create an efficient moving plan that fits your employer’s standards and remains within budget.

Are you ready to receive your free estimate from the Philadelphia to Arlington movers today? All you need to do is fill out our online ” contact us” online form or call the experts in our customer service.



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