Financing your move during hard times

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Financing your move during hard times is easy and it’s an easy way to pay for your move when you don’t have the money right now to pay for your local or long distance move. Our staff here will put you in touch with our lender who will simply ask a few  questions to see if you qualify for this pay over time loan.

You get if approved 0% APR and Terms up to 12 months of purchases of $ 150.00 Dollars or more.

It’s Simple:

1): Give our customer service line a call at (484)461-8685 or out of state (877)480-6683 or email us at .

2): Choose the right plan for you from the banking institution that we will direct you to.

3): Make it all yours: If you’re approved you’ll be issued a Digital card to pay for your move for our services.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A):  What is the installments?   The Installments are the amount you pay each month over the time of 12 month life of your loan.

B):  Can you make an early payment ?  The answer is absolutely.

C): Will this affect your credit score?  No if you continue to pay the amount that is due each month for the length or life of the loan.

D):  Are there late fees ?  You will never e charged a fee for a late payment, they do calculate interest based on your principal balance ( how much of the original loan is left to pay off ). So, if your payment is late and there is a past due principal, interest will be charged against that larger amount. Your interest rate will never change throughout the loan. And, unlike a credit card, they will never charge compound interest (i.e. interest charged on interest). Interest is only charged on the amount you originally financed

Give us a call today so we can further assist you in financing your move and direct you to the lender ( banking institution) that provides this type of loan.  Call or contact us today!