So, you are planning a move. But, you haven’t set the date. There is a good reason for that. You don’t know if this fall is the right time to do it and well, we are here to hep you make that decision and quickly keep on reading to come to the correct decision!

When do people usually move

Most people do their moving during the summer months and why? well, many people are moving do have children and moving during the school year really isn’t a possibility. Not for parents. That is the main true reason people move during the summer. Another big reason is the weather during the summer as it is warm. No one really likes to move when there is bad weather outside and we can understand why but, should you move this fall? the answer is yes! Don’t postpone the move for your relocation and move this fall! To postpone your relocation will get you nowhere it really really won’t and you know it. As you once realize that the time has come you should accept it. Getting out of your comfort zone comes with a great reward. So, step out of it, make the right choice and move forward! Moving isn’t as hard as it seems. Not if you have a professional moving company.

Now is the right time to move

Where to find a moving company you can trust and rely on? Finding the right mover can be harder than it seems and for many reasons. There are many moving companies on the market, but only a few of them are professional.

What do we mean by professional? well, you need to find a company you can trust and rely on when it comes to moving. The same goes even if you decide to move your business facilities. These tips will help yo make a good decision.

Comparing movers and online research

Online research and since you are already on this page, we believe that you are no stranger to an online research. The same goes for looking for a mover you can trust and you open your browser and type in these magical words. You will get a list of movers near you. All the research is now left up to you do to by comparing each different moving companies, their rates, testimonials, services and experience and all at once you do- you will know which ones you can trust.

Overview of a mover before you chose one

References from people you can trust can really come in handy. If you don’t really trust everything people are saying on the internet, and are determined to move this fall-you have one option left. What is that? Well, ask your family members, friends or even people that are close to you for advice as someone you know has moved in the past for sure. And if that person will be more happy to share their experience. Once you get more than one suggestion, you will be able to compare moving companies all over again. This time you will know which one to select for your relocation.

How to move this fall

Yes it can certainly rain, and the chances are and probably will. But, is moving this fall worth postponing? if you hire a moving company to take care of your household relocation, bad weather won’t be on the list of your problems. Not at all. So hire a mover and enjoy your time and space!

Star Early

Find a mover won’t cut it. There are still many things you will have to prepare for and for the best advice on moving and planning your move visit our friends at

Moving advice and planning your move starts early and so plan as early as possible for a smooth relocation.

Mack a relocation plan and stick to it

Make a plan and even more importantly- make sure you really stick to it as it is so important for more than one reason. One of them being by delaying your move you will have a limited time before your moving day as it comes closer. The sooner you start the better off you will be. Little things can add up quickly and you will be finished sooner then you can imagine. The same goes with tasks & if you let them go unfinished. So, if you think that you can’t take care of everything by yourself, find professional help.


This task seems easy, but if you are planning to do a move this fall, know this one thing as it is more complex then it looks. Everybody has a lot of items in their homes and packing can seem like that mountain that you must get over. But, you can hire a professional moving company like our friends over at Eastern Connection Movers to help you prepare and pack your items for the journey. In reality the decision is yours and we advise to make it wisely.

Moving day and a new start

Enjoy your new beginning. Don’t let the nostalgia or stress effect your mood. We understand that moving is hard, but if done right with the right mover and early planning your move will be an enjoyable relocation experience.

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