We all know that some time in our lives when we need to move we will need to rent space to store our worldly stuff while we are the process of moving from one location to another. In this post we will tell you how to properly pack your rented storage unit. In this post our team was asked to help a client move their items into the pictured 17 foot rented truck along with a 6×12 enclosed trailer from Pennsylvania to North Carolina. Our professional expert movers went along for the trip in which they packed the both units and drove it down and delivered it into the 10×25 storage unit pictured.

The client called our  out of state moving company  because they were looking for experienced long distance movers to do the job right the first time as they were short on time. Our team in this pics of the storage unit shows how to exactly and properly pack your rented storage unit by first maximizing the space that you have rented because these rentals are not cheap and you as a client want to get the most bang out of your buck.

Its best to a you see start with the heavy items and work you way up to the top with lighter items and try to make each row square as can be. If you are low on blankets it’s  highly recommended here as what to do with glass items and mirrors being stored in a storage unit whether long term or short term. Remember it’s always better to rent a bigger unit then you need.

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