While every move is unique, there is some tried and true piece of expert advice that can apply to just about every move- and the experts at Eastern Connection Movers have it down pat since 1987, we have helped tens of thousand of customers move their household stuff across the country and locally as well. Along the way, we have compiled an arsenal of expert advice from professionals who have done this for decades designed to help make your move with us easy and pleasant, organized and affordable.

Get  Organized

 Even if organization isn’t your “thing,”  there is some really simple things you can do to make moving much easier.

Gathering moving quotes.    The real best moving advice from our experts is to start gathering moving quotations as soon as you know that you are moving. Click here for your free online quote for your move and send us with your request in your email the following information in order to receive your quote such as.

  • If your move is a local or long distance moving services requested.
  • An exact itemized list of what is to be moved.
  • The desired date of the move.   
  • If you should need any professional packing services needed and if so, describe what you would like our experts to pack for you.
  • Are there any stairs or an elevator and if so, what floor(s).   
  •  The pickup location and your destination location and include zip codes.
  • Your full name and the best contact phone number for us to call you & the best time for our customer care team to call you.
  • Any special services requested for your move like a piano, organ, car to be moved.

 Make a reservation. 

 if possible, we recommend reserving your moving date with us at least 10 days in advance for long distance moves & as soon as you        know for local moves so that we can place your move in our system for the best moving experience by our professionals.

We recommend printing a checklist for yourself.  

Checklist are essential to moving because they help you keep track of everything detail in your move. Every move has a different type of checklist because each move is never the same details as  for example, John Doe moving from Philadelphia to Atlanta,         Georgia might have a detail in his move such as checking to make sure that his pets travel plans for a pet moving service are complete meanwhile, Tom Watkins, moving from Hatfield, PA to  Jenkintown, PA might not have to have in his checklist  pet movers because he is taking his pets in his car to his new place.  The Best advice is to make up your own checklist from scratch and therefore by doing this, you have your own list and not a basic one size fit all.

Order moving supplies. 

We recommend that if you are doing your own self-packing that you order moving supplies like boxes, tape, inkless packing paper well in advance of your moving date. We sell only the best moving supplies that are professional grade at a discounted price. Give our customer service a call right now for your special discount on your moving supplies.

Let our experts do your packing for you. 

Our professionals are the absolute best packing pro anywhere! Since 1987 we have employed only the best-seasoned experts to assure you a perfect pack every time whether, it’s your fine crystal ware or that large family oil painting from years past our team knows it all and we can assure you the absolute best services.

Call our customer service or email us at customer care and lets us know in your email that you would need professional packing services and place in the email your best contact number & your name and they will respond to fast. We realize that the packing part of your move can be cumbersome and you have better things to do with your valued time and our experts can relieve you of the stress and make your moving experience a more seamless experience.

Need professional packing tips? 

If you book your move with us at your request we will send one of our experts to your residence or place of business to give you a free tutorial on site of how to pack your items. If you prefer to call us about any free packing tips then give our customer car a call anytime.

Get rid of unwanted items. 

 When you move with Eastern Connection Movers we advise that you donate any unwanted items as this will save you time & money on your move.  if you would rather not donate then we advise on having a day or two set aside to have a yard sale or garage sale or even a moving sale or if you don’t want to donate and can’t sell any unwanted items then simply throw them out.

Need storage long term or short term secure storage?

Our services are designed to make your move seamless.

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