Moving tips when insuring your shipment before your move

When booking your move and getting your quote here are moving tips to help you along the way.

Keep in mind that you will be the party responsible to pay the deductible based on your shipment’s value that is being shipped:

The deductible is usually the rates  of:

* $ 750 for all items based on the value at $ 15,000 and higher

* $ 500 For cars , and household goods along with personal effects as classified as ” used household goods” that are valued under $ 15,000 Dollars

$ 250 Dollars for items listed under all categories valued under $ 15,000 Dollars.

What or who determines the valuation of each item(s)?

If a claim should occur during your move the full valuation will be determined by the carrier’s insurance adjuster.

What is not covered ?  pets, trailers, agriculture, electronics and money packed.

Additional Exclusions:

The following are not covered:

Marring, chipping, scratching, and shortages, ( unless the entire shipment is not delivered to you) this applies to owner packed household goods shipments.

If your mover does your packing of your household goods then the mover will be responsible for any damages that may occur during your move.

The basic carriers liability coverage is Free. Additional coverage can be purchased thru your mover.

How do I file a claim if there is one.

All claims must be filed within 6 months after your move has been delivered by your mover.

What if I need a higher valuation to be declared for my shipment items? We suggest that you discuss this with your mover prior to booking your move or go to our helpful moving tips on our website.

This information provided by B. Rodgers from Eastern Connection Movers.

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