For many of us we will move at least twice in our lifetime and when we move we want to select a mover that is honest and professional and will not gouged us on the moving cost. In this article here you will discover why not to use a broker to select a mover for your move. Thru the many years of working at this company I’ve come across and heard some stories from our customers whom have used brokers before and ended up with a very bad experience from their move. Every day online I see new websites popping up that are not moving companies but broker services that will select a mover for you in order to get you moved. Some of these websites advertise that you submission goes to these movers. Here is some good reasons why to avoid them and deal directly with a moving company thru their website and not thru a middle man.

  1. It’s best to select a mover whom is a real moving company that actually has the trucks and professionals to do a move whether you are moving local or long distance.
  2. Don’t deal with an online website that just gets your information by having you go thru a lot of questions because in most cases these sites pass your information onto spammers or other site owners that will flood your inbox with offers and emails that you don’t want. Fact, Many of our clients that we move have told us about this as this happened to them being flooded with spam emails that they didn’t want.
  3. If you select a website that says we will submit your information to 6 companies to send you a quote chances are it will be a lot more then 6 companies that call you or email you with the need for further information and you don’t ant to be tied down to answering 30 phone calls or 50 emails from that website you went to just to do a simple task and and ended up get flooded with calls and your inbox full of emails you don’t want. Most of these websites will state that your submission is sent to 6 movers and in reality it is 30.
  4. The price quoted confusion!. Basically you will get one quote thru that broker site but when you have a brokers site select a mover for you that mover will most likely quote another price and that you don’t want. As all of when we are looking for a moving quote we want the quote in writing and everything that will be done to the move in writing. This includes services, estimated pick up and delivery dates etc.
  5. Play it safe: The best advice is to select a mover that has their own website, their own trucks, and their own professionals to move your items and then has great reviews from other clients on the experience they had with that mover. The mover that has everything quote” In House” is the best choice. You are dealing with the actual moving company not a broker or some broker site that says they you have to select from 6 movers by typing in your zip code or city or origin.

In the end the choice is yours as the consumer and these tips are written in this article to help you make the best decision when you are moving and to help you steer away from pitfalls. For moving service quote give our company your move and for your free quote visit our website at:

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