Posted by March Howard

October 26, 2017

Cheap effective ways to clean your residence before or after a move.

Being a renter all of my adult years and on a budget I’m like other people looking for ways to clean my apartment for a much lower cost but, still keeping the high cleaning standards without getting fleeced at the grocery store. I recently moved for the third time to another apartment and heard this wonderful cleaning tip from a professional janitorial cleaner of how to clean my bath tub and toilet, sink for a third of the cost.

To my amazement I was told to purchase Vinegar apple cider in which costs about Four Bucks a bottle and that’s all I needed & so I bought a bottle and cleaned my whole entire tile floors, bathroom with this stuff and to my surprise it did a better job then cleanser, Windex, Mr. Clean combined. This stuff left a great pleasant smell in my old apartment so when my old landlord came to inspect it for me to get my deposit back I know it would pass and I would not have any issues with my landlord. This Vinegar Apple Cider is also a lot safer especially around young children and pets without any of the harmful chemicals and for only Four Bucks how can you go wrong?

So my advice when you are done with the moving company moving you out of your old place buy a bottle of Vinegar Apple Cider and go cleaning.

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