For many of us we have the family pets that we live with everyday and for some its a task to keep your residence clean and smelling fresh. If you have cats this is even tougher to keep your rugs clean even thou the best remedy is to have wooden floors as that is the easiest clean up because its a simple sweep and mop. However, rugs are a different story and in this tip I’ll show you how to clean your rugs that won’t knock the air out of your wallet and you will no get bamboozled. This tip is great especially if you are selling your home and are in the process of using a moving company to move you and you must get rid of the smell and must have a clean place to show or move out of as this can be a factor if your place should sell.

The way to clean your rugs cheap is not to spend a fortune or even hire a rug cleaner however, you need to first obtain a good Steam Vac and then purchase Armour and Hammer’s brand ” Double Duty pet deodorizer” along with Ajax lemon brand dish washing liquid and place about a table spoon of the Armour Hammer into the solution side of the Steam Vac and then add about a table spoon of the Ajax lemon scent liquid as the Ajax will give the Solution the scent you need for the rug and the Armour Hammer will clean the rugs and you will see the results instantly. Don’t forget to add hot water to the solution side and fill it up as for the water side add hot water. Turn on your vac and use the wash side first then click to the Rinse side button and watch the machine just pick up the dirt . Believe me this cheap Store bought stuff is cheaper then Rug cleaner from the same store you buy the Ajax and Armour and Hammer and you get much better results. This tip was brought to you by B; Rogers at

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