Moving can be a difficult decision in your life especially with understand the costs and if you are deciding where to move and what to buy and what is my budget. The budget part is on how much you can afford to put out to make yourself comfortable and if you are looking for something that is turn key or a fixer upper. Then if you are moving local or long distance. We hope that this article will help you to understand the cost for the two different types of moves and let’s start with the first.

Long distance moving costs: Long distance moving costs are either by the actual weight of the items that are being moved and are basically the rates are accessed by the per each hundred weight for example the national going rate for long distance moves is between $ 45.00 Dollars per each hundred pounds up to $ 55.00 Dollars per each hundred pounds that are being moved.

Another way that the moving company can determine your price for your long distance move is by the number of cubic feet that your items takes up in the carrier’s truck and the cost for by the cubic foot is at $3.50 per each cubic foot that it takes up in the truck also know as how many teirs or lines it takes up in the truck.

Local moving quotes These quotes and rates are usually by the number of hours it will take to move your household items and the rates are all over the map . The rates are by the number of men you need to perform the move for example the national rate per hour for a 4 man crew is at $ 200.00, 3 men $ 150 per hour, 2 men $ 125 per hour

Average time for a move 3 to 4 bedroom home 10 to 12 hours and 3 to 4 men to move it. Moving and apartment 2 to 3 bedrooms 8 hours, 1 bedroom usually 4 to 5 hours and these time estimates usually include the travel time that each mover will charge.

What to buy the choice is yours s you can buy a turnkey house ( bran new one) or a fixer upper or one that needs just minor work. These are the factors that you have to consider and then if you move do you want to be close to your family and then the cost of living in that new area you decided on.

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